Legislation & Industry Updates

We will ensure that our clients are kept informed of any changes or impending changes in legislation that may impact on your business and advise accordingly. Recent legislation being the Targeted Charging Review, reforming residual charges to spread costs more fairly between businesses and consumers. We are also able to advise on factors affecting the energy market based on daily wholesale market updates to projected non energy charges and their impact.

We can also help you with…

Energy Procurement

The tendering and evaluation process is increasingly more complex due to the introduction of charges under the Electricity Market Reform Programme. It is essential to understand which charges each supplier has included in their tender as the energy cost can be less than half of the final bill. A knowledge of market trends is fundamental to ensure that contracts are negotiated when the wholesale market is favourable.

Tenant Billing

Tenant recharges can be problematic and time-consuming with under-recovery of suppliers’ bill value being commonplace. Whether the sub-meters are read manually or remotely we can access the data and produce recharge statements in line with your accounting requirements. In the absence of sub-meters we can offer various billing options based on either floor areas or occupancy levels.


Whether you require a new supply or additional load, Emcon can assist from the initial enquiry to final completion. We would discuss with you or your developer your power requirements and submit quotation requests to the network operator and for any contestable works we can obtain 3rd party quotations. We can then arrange for registration and for the relevant metering to be installed.

Landlord Services

When premises revert back to the landlord we can help identify the registered utility suppliers, inform them of the change of tenancy details, and arrange contracts in order to reduce costs If supplies have been disconnected we can arrange re-connection. Often prospective tenants will require confirmation of the existing gas, electricity and water capacities – we can source this information and also request quotations for supply upgrades.

Reporting & Compliance

Many businesses now face an increasing number of regulatory reporting requirements including Climate change agreements (CCA), carbon reduction commitment (CRC), ESOS and Heat Network Regulations. We are able to collate the necessary data and submit these reports to ensure compliance and advise on changes to existing, or the introduction of new regulations.

Invoice Validation 

This service can give any company the confidence that the gas/water/electricity bills that we validate have been checked against contracts that are in place or published charges that may apply, and all charges and levies applied are appropriate. Estimated reads will be highlighted and any errors brought to the attention of suppliers for resolution. We can code validations to match your accounting requirements.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a fundamental part of an energy efficiency programme and can highlight times when energy usage may be greater than expected enabling the implementation of energy savings targets. With distribution charges increasing especially during winter peak periods we can also highlight the effect this has on your bills and whether there is a cost-effective opportunity for energy management during these hours.